Social Media With A Purpose

Social Media With A Purpose

Going into this digital story project was daunting. Naturally this meant I wanted to choose a topic that hit close to home, but I felt I could talk about more. This project allowed me to combine my love for the topic of mental health, and see how the dialogue about it is approached through pop culture. It promoted my analysis of the topic because I’m used to seeing mental health through the eyes of psychology, not necessarily through the average person. From this, it reminded me how crucial it is to talk about difficult topics that aren’t broached in the every day, with the sensitivity that they deserve-rather than the disassociation.

Creating the video itself posed challenges because I’m not used to film editing or recording. It definitely pushed me out of my comfort zone with both.

I think the largest obstacle I faced was balancing the sensitivity of the topic of mental health,  and still standing firm in that this a topic that needs to be brought to the table more often. It was difficult because I have my own reasons that I relate to this topic so much, and I didn’t want that to outweigh the discussion at hand: how can we be mindful users of social media, in a way that can lead to a brighter impact on our tomorrows?

I think this project forced me to analyze outside of a paper setting where I’d normally just spew facts, here it was the presentation of facts in a directive manner. I think the story worked, but if it was a semester long project, I would have gauged the long term effect of pop culture phenomenons like 13 Reasons Why, and how the fad can raise awareness for a certain period of time, and what happens after that time has passed.


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