A semi-colon is used when an author could have ended a sentence, but decided to continue instead.

My digital story with cover both the initiatives of the Semi-Colon project, as well as To Write Love on Her Arms. Both charity’s aim to help similar populations, but have different ways that they raise awareness about their cause.

Finally, the digital story will encompass the importance of mental health awareness, and how mental health is addressed in pop culture.


From Paper to Screens: Digital Stories

The concept of digital stories is something I’ve struggled with as my life became more entangled with technology. It was never something I was personally a fan of, until I found a message that I connected with.

Blogilates, a company led by youtuber Cassey Ho, posted this video a few years back that to me spoke to the impactful level that digital story telling can have. I believe that digital stories should be used to spread messages of positivity, or to educate people on some level. This video is one of her most viewed, and touches upon body shaming in a world where everyone is a critic.