Mapping Out a (SUPER) Sad (but) True Love Story

After I first read through the project, I was extremely skeptical as to how this would help me understand a story that (if we’re being perfectly honest here) left me confused 90% of the time. It wasn’t until I started making a time line of areas hit for my excerpt of readings that I saw the value of lining up where Lenny and Eunice’s life took them.

I believe this mapping assignment helped me understand the story in a different light because it helped me look into the text in a different way. One of the last points that I took down was Lenny and Eunice’s time in Staten Island, visiting Lenny’s friends. I think pin pointing where this was happening, and then pairing the text to it, gave the writing a new level of life that I related to screen writing/having a film or play come to life. For me that was helpful. I also found it helpful because it helped me picture each character’s point of view easier, and interpret the events from their eyes.

Working as a group in this capacity was different from other group projects. Looking at the finished product, it’s interesting to see what each other highlighted as an important part of the story, as well as seeing the different creative liberties that were taken. It was also fun to see how each others layers could influence, and help one another push creative boundaries.

If I were to change this assignment, I think I would want to cross it with another novel, and see how each author may interpret the same location. That could be really interesting, and expand ones imagination and the way they think of different books.


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