140 Characters or It Didn’t Happen

The further I delve into our novel, the more disturbing our current reality becomes to me. “We are now part of this giant machine where every second we have to take out a device and contribute our thoughts and opinions.”

This is something that I’m guilty of, but am making a conscious effort to not have my life plagued by. In a world where everything can be documented by a picture, we still feel the need to extract the moment right then and there, and let others in on where we are in life. The scary part is, how do we learn to mediate this with actually living our lives?

Nowadays, everyone can be a politician, exclaiming about how they disagree with something going on, creating bulletins or petitions. We all have devices meant to contribute and share our thoughts, but we have forgotten that communication is a two way street. Something I noticed within the book is that everyone seems to be talking at one another, rather than listening to what the other is saying. I think this is extremely relevant to the social schema of today, because everyone wants their opinion to be heard, but no one wants to listen to anyone else.



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