Reading is Irrelevant

The title of this post is shocking for an English class. However, just by reading this sentence, you are proving it wrong.

In the book, “Super Sad True Love Story“, we are shown a world that you could not pay me enough money to live in, but is slowly creeping in on our present day reality. The quote we’re asked to reflect upon today goes, “Reading is difficult. People just aren’t meant to read anymore. We’re in a post-literate age. You know, a visual age.” It pains me how relevant this is for some that are growing up today. It is commonplace for children to be playing on phones rather than reading a book while waiting in a doctor’s office. It’s more than just being a visual learner, it’s not longer wanting to read in order to learn.

What worries me most about this quote is how language is portrayed in the book. The use of acronyms instead of full words to complete conversations. I was surprised that chat groups were still a thing, as well as email. However, I was also confused. With all the technological advances, it was clear that language barriers still existed (ex. Eunice and her Mother’s exchanges). If they’re in a post literate age, how is it that something like this can still exist? If this is truly a visual age, wouldn’t they be relying on something like holograms or video chats instead of these messages?


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