The Better Man Project


For anyone in my life, if they are in a rough spot, they know I have about 5 quotes up my sleeve to give them without batting an eyelash. Being in recovery myself, I know it’s important to surround myself with as many positive influences as possible. While my instagram feed is populated with musicians, friends, as well as various charities, I also follow a number of life coaches. I stumbled on Evan Sanders account about a year ago, and I haven’t turned back since.

The picture above is a quote that he posted recently that resonated with me. Writing like this is interesting to me because it can apply to a person at any stage in their life. Whether in a good or bad place, you can usually gauge how you got there, or where you want to go. It’s so easy to get caught up in a moment where all you want to do is close yourself, because it’s easier to just shut down than to face the current situation at hand. This to me says that while you can shut down in those instances, you can also choose to prepare to rise out of them, and go towards the future that is meant for you.


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