I’ve been following @sosadtoday on twitter for the past three years. I’ve always seen her tweets as an over exaggerated version of what I was feeling. Not good, not bad, just there. Delving deeper into her topics though (especially on the vice) I began to see more of a value to her writing. Personally, I’m extremely passionate about mental health topics, so her posts about anxiety, growth, and pressure all hit home for me. From my perspective, the online voice she’s cultivating is one that isn’t afraid. I think it’s important that people with her level of voice should use it to decrease the stigma of talking about their feelings, in order to further open it up for others. This only gets better upon losing anonymity, as this gives the opportunity for a platform to be formally built.

Broder carefully crafts this personality of hide and seek to a point especially on her twitter in my opinion. Her tweets sometimes seem contradictory, but I feel this makes them relatable to a degree. Often the emotions being expressed are those that we find twisted, or are too afraid to wear our heart on our sleeves for. Going into the third question, I think that the writing exhibited is definitely not a form of narcissism, and acts as a vehicle to encourage people to be open about their raw emotions.






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