Fake News, Real Consequences



Looking at the title of the article, you can already imagine the kind of havoc that exploded in my head the second I read it. Lucky for me, I had just read our fake news assignment materials and was curious, clicked, lo and behold…click bait. What I will give to this site is the fact that it allows you to choose whether you want the factual information highlighted for you or not.

This article does have some strong points that would lead you to believe it to be real. For one, the entire first paragraph is true. As Governor of Indiana he has signed the most abortion restrictive regulations. In the following paragraph, it tries to quote an interview that he gave to the Huffington Post, a seemingly smart move to appear credible. However, if you go on Huffington Post’s website you will not find any new articles in the time frame of this article. Those posted do talk about this speech at the March for Life, however none repeat anything that was quoted in the article.

I think the big question I have for the world, is what is the real appeal behind fake news? How is promoting lies so much better than being a well-informed citizen? Is it worth creating divisiveness, rather than just telling the truth so people can argue from fact?


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