News is what I identify as incoming information that I am able to find either in a newspaper or their online website. Sometimes I’ll watch the news if I get home early enough, but normally I prefer to read it. To me, the ability to read, and research different news stories helps me understand what is going on from different angles, and limits the biased interpretation that is present on certain news channels. If I’m walking to a place or on the bus, I’ll usually hear about something via social media, and then go forward to look up what is happening. I try not to rely on my news feed as facts, as often I feel like we get caught up in the heat of things, and then press send. I think it’s important then when we share news, we are as factual as possible, and then are blatantly stating when we are expressing our opinion.

Besides politics, something that interests me is mental health issues. I follow a lot of different websites that keep track of different research and treatment methods, or general news going on in this facet of the world. Since this is such a broad topic though, I’m able to customize the kinds of stories I want to be updated on regularly in my email inbox. While this is helpful so that my email isn’t completely filled with information that I might not necessarily go through, sometimes it does more harm than good. I fear that we get so caught up in specializing what we want to learn and stay in touch about, that we don’t necessarily open our minds up to new things.


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