Healthy is the New Skinny

Diet culture is something embedded almost every where, regardless of season. “Summer bodies are made in the winter.” “Burn now so you can bum out over Spring Break.” Combing through different websites for various women’s magazines, you’re sure to find something on what the latest diet trend is to help you lose “x” amount of pounds in “y” time frame. As someone who has never been on the smaller side of the scale, this idea has always alienated me to certain brands. That was until I stumbled across an Instagram account one day that changed everything.

Healthy is the New Skinny identifies themselves as a social movement geared towards challenging beauty ideals. By encouraging a dialogue focused on health and happiness, rather than a specific number on a scale, they push for people to focus on their entire self image and lifestyle. Their inclusive platform tackles and educates on issues such as harmful media advertising, nutrition, health, and other various topics surrounding body image.

I think it’s so important that we have more platforms like this, speaking out and calling out companies- specifically those of fashion or beauty, and requiring them to show us the more real side of things. It is when they choose to advertise or promote a single body type to a wide audience that we run into problems.


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